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Tiago Ferreira Lopes

Orta Asya Araştırmaları Merkezi
Misafir Yazar

Tiago Ferreira Lopes has a bachelor degree in Social Communication with a major in Journalism by the Abrantes Superior School of Technology and a PhD in Social Sciences, profile of International Relations, by the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Lisbon University.

Currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Department at the Institute of Business Administration, Tiago Ferreira Lopes is also Researcher at the Orient Institute (Lisbon University, Portugal) and Associate Researcher of the Centre of International Studies (University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal).

In addition, Tiago Ferreira Lopes cooperates with several think tanks: State Building and Fragility Monitor (Portugal), WikiStrat (United States of America), Strategic Outlook (Turkey), Youth Association for a Greater Europe (France), Youth to Youth Action Hub (Lithuania), Sustainable Leadership Initiative (India).

Tiago already presented communications, lectures and papers in international events, in more than twenty countries, and is a regular author of three specialized magazines: PACTA (Portugal), MindThis (Canada), Euro-Atlantic! think.act.lead (Slovakia).

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