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ARMENIAN PARLIAMENT TO DISCUSS RECOGNITION OF KARABAKH ‘INDEPENDENCE’The Armenian parliament is planning to discuss recognition of the separatist "Nagorno Karabakh" regime. The National Assembly (NA) of Armenia is to discuss the bill "On the basic concepts of military and political provisions of the security of Nagorno-Karabakh and the Republic of Armenia", presented by MP from the opposition "Heritage" faction Zaruhi Postanjian. "Despite the absence of a decision on the draft of the permanent parliamentary committee on foreign relations, the discussion will be held on Tuesday, as the “Heritage” presented the draft as a matter of urgency”, said the speaker of parliament Galust Sahakyan, Oxu.Az reports citing RIA Novosti. The draft implies the recognition of the "independence" of the "Republic of Nagorno Karabakh"; preventing placement of border, customs and other items from other states or international organizations on the “state borders” of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia, preventing deployment of armed forces of other states or international organizations on the “borders” of Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan and prevention of Armenia’s membership or accession to any structure which threatens the ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia. The Heritage faction which is currently represented by four deputies in the present 131-seat parliament first introduced the draft in October 2009. Since then, the document has been repeatedly rejected, primarily by the efforts of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, which has an absolute majority (70 seats) in the National Assembly. Armenian MPs justify their refusal to recognize the "independence" of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh with the unwillingness to harm the course of negotiations on a peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict. The Armenian Foreign Ministry considers it premature to address this issue for the same reason. (NEWS AZ:)
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