Welcome; Today 21 Eylül 2018 Friday

Our Vision

The aim of the Institute of Turkey in the Twenty-first Century is to analyze political, economic, technological, cultural, social and military processes from the primary sources by using efficient research methods within the context of national interests of Turkey. Besides, it is to realize strategic studies which are related with global and regional cases and developments within the framework of national security of Turkey. The Institute aims to understand the world politics and represent a geoculture mentality which supports national interests and national culture of Turkey.

The Institute focuses on making some researches, projects, ideas  and suggestions, which are developed in a dynamic way, efficient politically and socially by using academy, media, etc. to convey them whole society.  The Institute will come to the forefront in all over the world, especially in Turkey and in the Turkic world, developing relations with similar institutions, implementing a new and effective working style through an knowledge-intensive and disciplined understanding and as an institution  engaged in in-depth analysis.

The Institute has a strategic vision which emphasize, protect and develop founding principles, national unity, national stability and interests of Turkey. In addition, it tries to contribute democracy and rule of law in Turkey by asserting projects, strategies and policies to state’s and society‘s concern.

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