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From The Director

A message from the Director

“Never have doubted that the great but forgotten civilized characteristics and the great civilized talents of the Turkish nation will, in its progress henceforth, rise like a new sun over the horizon of the high civilization of the future”. M. Kemal Atatürk 29.10.1933

Welcome to the 21st Century Turkey Institute web site.

21st Century Turkey Institute, founded in 2006, successfully developing through the most turbulent period of Turkish political history, has completed its tenth year and proven its mettle. We now continue work in our new building at Incek in Ankara, with the same enthusiasm of the early days of our first establishment.

The Institute is an independent, nonpolitical and above-politics think-tank doing strategic research on Turkey's national interests, security, international relations, and strategic studies in fields related to the Turkish world. Our aim is to contribute positively to processes of political decision-making and execution by developing alternative policy options, strategic courses of action and projects.


Our work can be grouped under the headings of research, debate, analysis, publications, access to decisionmakers and the public, education and training. Our basic perspective, is to achieve scientific, objective, concrete results free from propaganda, in enhancing Turkey's national power and national interests, developing Turkish democracy and to contribute to regional and world peace. To these ends, 21st Century Turkey Institute attaches particular importance to multi-level, multi-dimensional, multi disciplinary academic, political and intellectual debate, exchange of views, contributions by experts.


The development of alternative courses of action, naturally, requires addressing the current politicies, strategies and projects with scientific skepticism and criticism. However, in studies conducted in the Institute, resources and the data on which the readings, views and personal opinions are based, are clearly distinguished from each other. Intellectual enthusiasm and scientific integrity, combining the responsibilities of an intellectual and a scientist, through methods of research and analysis based on universal criteria, prevail.


Our reports and other publications are delivered to relevant institutions, first and foremost to Parliamentary Committees, politicians, their advisors, bureaucrats and executive institutions, and they are invited to our meetings with a strategic focus, and to other academic work.


21st Century Turkey Institute believes that participation of citizens in governance, that is the processes of political decision-making, law-making and legislation, through 'civil' ways outside of political parties, is an essential condition of a modern democracy. Since the dominant traditional political culture in Turkey considers democratic participation a political threat and rejects contribution outright, this renders indirect methods indispensable, to be effective, through informing the public opinion, alongside direct methods. For this purpose, we attach particular importance to developing sound, efficient and sustainable institutional relations with print and visual media, while fostering scientific cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, particularly think tanks and universities. This quest for relations and cooperation, in a framework of full transparency, also includes foreign and international institutions and organizations and diplomatic missions in Turkey.

Our education and training programs are also designed to offer a modest contribution to young candidate leaders, who have an interest in politics and political issues, in preparing them for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. You are cordially invited to attend our activities and work, to make academic contributions to our publications, to join us by becoming a 21st Century Turkey Institute member, and to lend support otherwise. Please do not hesitate to share with us your criticism, comments, suggestions and views. 

January 1st, 2016


Haldun Solmaztürk


Dr. Haldun Solmaztürk hsolmazturk@21yyte.org 

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