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About Foundation

The Foundation of Union in Turkey and Turkish World was established by Prof. Dr. Şaban Karataş, Dr. Dursun Dağaşan, Mehmet Türkmen and Ali Özaydın in 1996. The aim of the foundation is to serve society in Turkey and Turkish world for their linguistic, religional and traditional unity and people who support this society in terms of mentioned context.

To reach this aim, the foundation;

a)      Makes researches on political, economic, cultural, religional subjects which are related to Turkish existence.

b)      Promotes research conclusions and establishes and cooperates training, broadcasting and research centres.

c)      Support and cooperates with other foundations and institutions which study on mentioned subjects.

d)     Accepts grants; establishes companies; develops business partnerships.

The Foundation of Union in Turkey and Turkish World has implemented different activities since the establishment. The most important contribution of the foundation is to establish the Institute of Turkey in the 21st Century. The institute was established in 16.01.2006 to make strategical researches and studies as a think tank under the directory of Prof. Dr. Ümit Özdağ.

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