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“Democratic Autonomy”: The Redeclaration of the KCK/PKK Demand for Division

Serkan Kekevi tarafından yazıldı.

The extraordinary assembly of the Democratic Society Congress (“DTK” in Turkish) was held in December 26-27 in Diyarbakır. The message which came out of the assembly was: “we are taking ownership of the declarations of autonomy as stated by the public assemblies, as well as the rightful and legitimate resistance by our people” and the demand for an autonomy (in other words, division), which consists of 14 items, was reiterated. Following the elections on June 7 and the resulting political scene, the AKP (Justice and Development Party) leadership and the government suspended the “Process of Resolution” which hey had been executing with the armed Kurdish wing (PKK) and their unarmed stakeholders (HDP), which led the process to be “hung out to dry”. In this respect, the KCK/PKK which started to be established structure in mainly the eastern and southeastern provinces during the period when things were working fine and the process of resolution was moving forward, carried the urban wars to the east and the southeast provinces following the June 7 elections. We can also say that the organization which is trying to sugarcoat the urban conflict as “democratic rights” is striving to warrant a status of internal self-determination, which is promoted as a veiled, external demand for autonomy, to the local, and particularly the foreign community, through DTK. It is obvious that the demands articulated in the DTK memorandum is nothing more than the repetition of the KCK contract. In this article, we will address the similarities and differences between the DTK declaration and the KCK contract.
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