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What Does Soros & Soros Foundations Want and Migratıon Plans of the UN and Soros Mean?

Mehmet Zeki Bodur tarafından yazıldı.


The aim of this article, which are viewed as one of the biggest problems of the century, is to assess the role of non-governmental organizations in assessing migration initiatives prepared by the “UN” and “Open Society Foundations” in relation to global migration events.

First off all, he will also be given general information about George Soros and his foundations, which are immigrants in the past. The immigrant plan "Soros Foundations" will be followed by the aims of the "Saros Foundations" and the similarities between the "United Nations Global Compact on Migration" prepared by the United Nations in 2017.

Subsequently, it will be mentioned in general about the works on immigrants in the EU Countries, Saros Foundations. The attitudes of the countries, especially Hungary, against these plans will be explained, and general evaluations will be made about Civil Society Organizations (NGOs) operating on migration in this framework.

The aim of this article is not to criticize immigration plans and immigration initiatives prepared by the “UN” or “Soros Foundations” or “NGOs.” It has been pointed out that the NGOs need to pay attention while continuing their activities.



Note: Full text of the article wil be provided only on request

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