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Incek Debates

21. Yüzyıl Türkiye Enstitüsü tarafından yazıldı.

Incek Debates

‘Why international cooperation in the fight against terrorism is failing and how it can be improved’


‘Let’s talk about foreign policy’


The next Incek Debate has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday 11 May 2016 at 2pm-4.30pm, with participation by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, MP Yasar Yakis, journalist Ms. Tulin Daloglu and Dr. Oktay Bingol of Baskent University. The debate will be chaired by Dr. Haldun Solmazturk, Director of the Institute.

‘International Cooperation’ as the ever-fashionable buzzword in the fight (or defense) against terrorism has always been around. Yet, almost everybody, particularly politicians keep complaining about its absence and it is one of the favorite subjects for renowned pundits in security and international affairs think-tanks who are always delighted to explain and elucidate how this situation plays into the hands of terrorists. The rapid rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), its widely publicised tactics and methods of terrorizing the international community and high-profile terrorist attacks from Ankara, Mogadishu to Paris or Nairobi (involving not only ISIL, but also others such as PKK, Boko Haram, al-Qaida) gave this long-standing debate a new vigour.

Russian intervention in Syria, Turkey’s constant complaints about the perceived indifference of the West in the fight against PKK (nowadays PYD/YPG as well) and the West’s complaints about foreign terrorist fighters allegedly enjoying Turkey’s tolerance, if not support, all added new dimensions to the already contentious debate. However, like the blind men trying to learn an elephant and eventually reach a complete disagreement, international cooperation in the fight against terrorism remains too elusive and too politically charged a concept to implement.

This Debate will discuss the question of ‘Why international cooperation in the fight against terrorism is failing’ and explore ways, mechanisms and modalities to improve cooperation.

Incek Debates are held in English with a multinational audience. They are open to public and widest participation is encouraged. However, due to space limitations, ADVANCE REGISTRATION is kindly required. For further information in Turkish and English please visit: http://www.21yyte.org/tr/faaliyetler/764-incek-tartismalari-incek-debates.html

This debate will be held under the Chatham House Rule. However, media is allowed to take pictures or do filming BEFORE the debate starts for general reporting purposes of the event, panelists and the topic only, not revealing names of the participants (other than the panelists), their affiliations or views expressed, questions asked. Once the debate starts no filming or voice recording is allowed and the whole debate is ‘off the record’.


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The Incek Debates

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