Welcome; Today 21 Eylül 2018 Friday

Turkish Strategy Day

After the death of Muzaffer Özdağ on 04.02.2002, the biggest think tank of Turkey, Eurasia Strategical Researches Centre (Avrasya Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi-ASAM)  decided that every year, the death anniversary of Muzaffer Özdağ is memorialized as Turkish Strategy Day on Saturdays which correspond to anniversary weeks. The reason of this decision is Muzaffer Özdağ’s devotion of his studies to strategical and geopolitical issues as a staff officer, diplomat, politician and jurist. The studies of Muzaffer Özdağ was published as six volumes. He concentrated on internal and external security problems of Turkey and geopolitical problems of Turkish world with special reference to the strategical and geopolitical paradigms. 


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