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Internship Programme

The participants of internship programme will be provided technical services by the Institute of Turkey in the 21st Century. Those who have completed intrenship programme is expected to increase their knowledge, experience and expertise; to improve their analythical thinking skills, to participate in the workshops of the preparation of the strategic reports, access to domestic and foreign sources, learning the research methods, obtained raw and semi-raw information will be turned to strategical information.

Who is Eligible

·     Turkey andabroad doctorate, graduate and undergraduate students and graduates

·     Employees of public and private sectors which working on same field of the Institute

·     Volunteers

Preferred Educational Fields

·         International Relations

·         Political Science

·         Public Relations

·         History

·         Economics, Bussines etc.

·         Philology

·         Security Sciences

·         Sociology

·         Faculty of Communications

The list of educational field names which are given above are not a priority list. The other department’s  students can apply for internship programme if they are qualified. Additionally, the persons who do not study at the universities can also apply for the internship programme.

Responsibilities of the Institute

During the internship programme, the Institute supply all kind of technical and office materials to the interns. Fellows of the Institute will give a lecture to parcipants of internship programme. After the courses, interns will have to prepare completion studies. The prepared studies can be published on the Institute’s web site or journals.

Interns of the Institute study on academic and general topics. The internship programme is not included in only one topic. The Institute is authorised about the procedure. The studies of interns will be assigned by the Institute.

Responsibilities of Interns

·      After the courses, interns will have to prepare completion studies.

·      Interns participate to all meetings which are held by the Institute.

·      Interns fulfill all kind of tasks which are given by the Institute’s directory or fellows.

·     Interns must obey the working hours of the Institute and general calls for meetings, workshops, etc.

·    To take Certificate of Achievement, interns have to participate at least %75 of the courses and complete the courses successfully.

Duties of Interns

·         Organization of the Institute’s library.

·         Organization of the academic journals.

·         Computerizing the book of the library.

·         Entering the informations in the web site.

·         Organizing articles and news.

Application Process and Time

Internship programmes are made monthly, periodically or long term. The internship programmes may be extended if necessary. Each application must be made fifteen days ago before the internship period. Applications can be made personally or/and via e-mail with the documents which are listed below:

1.      Letter of Intention

2.      CV

3.      Transcript

4.      Application Form

5.      Fotograph

The applications must be made to bilgi@21yyte.org

Other Information

The Institute of Turkey in the 21st Century reserves right to change all part of the rules of this regulation. Attendees of the internships can leave the programme when they want.

Regulation ofInternshipsfor Foreign Interns

All conditions valid for foreign interns. Foreign interns are preferred to speak in Turkish. Foreign interns will cover all costs of their needs during the internship programme. 

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